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The staff at ION is amazing. I would go as far as to say, they were the horses that drew the wagon on to victory. The bottom line is we wouldn’t have made it without them. Well worth the investment.

Lou Merola Controller,
Lanic Engineering Inc

This system has allowed us to put our energy into analysis instead of data entry. The real-time reporting gives us the most up-to-date information and allows us to make the best decisions. The customer support is excellent, from setup to training Robin has exceeded all our expectations. I can access this system from anywhere I have internet access, which makes it a great tool when dealing with our customers. Overall a great product and service.

Jonathan Dean Quality, Sales and IT, Accurate Steel Treating, Inc.

I highly recommend ION Quality Systems to anyone interested in improving internal quality and efficiency processes.

Everton B. Cope Casbe Industries

Our company went from unorganized, outdated and completely unfamiliar with the standard, to passing our AS9100 audit without a pre-audit in 6 months time. Now that our Quality Management System is efficient and controlled, our costs are down and our profits are up. Thank you ION!

Kimberly Pelligrino Quality Manager
CNC Manufacturing

I especially like that the ION System is paperless, and their customer service is excellent. Indeed, SimpleTrak has made the certification process "simple".

Leonard M. Scholl, Jr President, LSI, Inc.

As a quality assurance specialist, my experience with SimpleTrak couldn’t be any more simple!, SimpleTrak is great!! Thank you ION.

Audrey Campos CEI

The most significant continuous improvement I have made on behalf of my company in the last ten years as the Quality Manager is the procurement of Simpletrak by Ion. It has improved all aspects of my quality management system. Thank you!

Esther Rath Quality Assurance Manager,
APV Manufacturing & Engineering

With ION’s SimpleTrak system my quality control has improved, which has increased my production and my profits.

Dan Rose President, Elite Metal Finishing

Before using ION Simpletrak, my company had to rely on hard copy documentation to track calibrations and maintenance records. Now that my company is using Simpletrak, tracking information and generating reports has become a very simple task.

John Avalos Quality Assurance Supervisor, Newton Heat Treating