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ION Quality System was founded by Mark Waltz, himself a small business owner, and Sol Klein, an innovative programmer, who found the need for an interactive, web based quality system which would allow business owners to truly manage their companies. Working with a group of business owners from multiple industries, Mark and Sol created ION’s quality management system to work within any business by making web-based, user-defined tools that combine to create a cohesive and intuitive quality management system.

ION’s team of small business owners and computer support personnel spent over two years designing the innovative system. Since its release, ION has a 4 year history of credibility in the marketplace including 3+ years as the industry leader in quality business solutions.

To complete the system, ION has created a staff of documentation specialists, quality coordinators, and industry resources whose expertise completes the customized system. It is because of this incredible team’s experience that we are able to offer the revolutionary ION quality management system.