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The Quality Coordinator‘s role is to coordinate between the client and the ION team of experts to design, install and implement your SimpleTrak database.  The Quality Coordinator will work with the client to get an idea of the specific customer needs, and the direction of the flow of data throughout the company.

The Coordinator will select the team of specialists best suited for your individual processes which includes coordinating the Documentation Specialist, Client, and Auditing house.  The Coordinator acts as an outside member of your staff, essentially working for your company to ensure that the implementation of the System and the standard is seamless and that the entire process is thorough and effective. 

Once all of the client needs and the selected team have been determined, the Quality Coordinator will schedule the steps of the implementation based on those specifications.

Your coordinator will:

  • Work with you to determine the necessary Quality Standard Program
  • Develop a timeline of implementation and Certification
  • Gather necessary data
  • Create the personalized screen layout for the data
  • Coordinate with team to import data
  • Train staff on using the SimpleTrak system to record data
  • Train staff how to analyze the associate data to determine trends and weaknesses
  • Coordinate with industry experts for necessary emphasis
  • Schedule and facilitate appropriate Remote and/or On-Site Internal Audits as necessary
  • Select appropriate Documentation Specialist who will work with your representative to facilitate all documentation necessary for the Quality Management System. 
  • Work with company to choose Registrar
  • Schedule and coordinate with Registrar for audit
  • Provide all ongoing support for new product development, changes in the Standard, and Industry
  • Facilitate information flow down from Industry to Company

    The Quality Coordinator’s goal is for the Client to have a fully implemented system, be comfortable and familiar in using it, and achievement of the goals specified by the Client.

The Documentation Specialist’s role is to develop a customized documentation package that properly delineates the specific processes at the client’s facility, integrating the Simpletrak processes, and encompassing all of the industry and certification requirements.

 Your Documentation Specialist is fully versed in the nationally recognized standards and has extensive experience in creating Quality Control documentation for companies in all of the industries that Ion serves. 

  • A documentation intake interview will be conducted, and a series of carefully selected questions will be administered regarding the roles, processes, organizational make up, record retention, and other particulars of the company. 


  • This information will then be evaluated to construct each of the quality control documents.  Once the standard documents have been created, they are uploaded into a WIP (work in progress) folder in the client’s document library for review.  At that time, the client reviews the documents and communicates any proposed changes to the Documentation Specialist.
  • The proposed changes are then evaluated in comparison to the requirements of the chosen standard to ensure conformance is still achieved.   All acceptable changes are then incorporated into the documentation and it is re-uploaded for final approval by the client.


 As the standard and industry requirements change, the client will be notified and the documentation will be updated accordingly. 

The Documentation Specialist’s goal is to develop a thorough and accurate customized documentation package, which is in conformance to the Standard chosen, yet doesn’t overwhelm or overburden the Client with additional and unnecessary requirements.

The Auditor’s role is to perform a gap analysis on the company to determine conformance to the standard, and identify any opportunities for improvement. 

  • The Auditor will review and sample records from your Simpletrak database, and gather objective evidence for the Audit report.


  • Then the Auditor will interview staff, observe key processes being executed, and inspect the facility.  The Auditor has the ability to perform the Audit as part of the remote auditing program (using pictures, etc), or on-site.  The purpose of the gap analysis is to ensure readiness for certification, to satisfy the internal audit requirements of the standard, and to identify any areas that have not been fully implemented.
  •  The Auditor will evaluate the information gathered and create a report within the Internal Auditing Module.  Any findings will be recorded directly in the Client’s database in the NCR module and corrective actions will be initiated. 


The Auditor chosen will be extremely familiar with the National standard chosen by the client, and have vast experience in the Client’s industry.  Furthermore, Ion Auditors have also been strategically chosen for their superior communication and problem solving skills that allow them to accurately evaluate situations and offer clear and effective solutions. 

Ion Auditors serve the client in many other ways as well.  The Auditor will use the information gathered in the audit report to thoroughly prepare the company for their certification audit by reviewing findings with key individuals, coaching process owners and supplying key information to the client that will assist them in achieving excellence.  The Auditor also prepares the Client’s auditing staff for completion of future audits, trains them on Simpletrak auditing techniques and tools, and even prepares them for upcoming Customer Audits.

The Auditor’s goal is for the Client to be certification ready, familiar with what to expect at certification, and confident in the health of their quality system throughout the life of the company.

Industry plays an important role in the development of the Ion Quality System Program.  
A carefully comprised team of objective Industry experts from several areas of expertise, assist Ion in the constant redevelopment and continual improvement of the Program.   Quarterly focus groups with the team, allow for Industry input, recommendations, revisions, and updates that benefit the Ion Client.  Input from these Industry experts allow Ion to ensure that the Client is always on the cutting edge of current Industry developments and areas of emphasis.   This allows Ion to educate and inform Clients regarding these issues, and assist them in maintaining their competitive stand in the marketplace.

The role of the Consultant is to bring extensive Industry experience to the Client to ensure that the company as a whole has effectively implemented their quality system in accordance with industry, customer, and regulatory requirements.

 The Consultants are solution oriented and look to find simple solutions to potential problems that integrate easily into the Client’s process structure.  The Consultant also monitors use of the various modules within the system to verify that the client is maximizing the potential of each feature and that the system is customized effectively.  Wherever necessary, the Consultant will educate and inform the Client on a variety of issues.  Following the Certification Audit, the Consultant will also assist the Client in completing any corrective actions resulting from Audit Findings. 

As an optional role, the Consultant has the ability to interface with the Client’s Customer and represent them on site during Customer Audits.  The Consultant’s goal is to ensure that the Client has an effective and strong Quality Control System even as it pertains to areas outside the scope of Simpletrak.