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Third Party Auditing

Third Party Auditing was once a process that took extensive amounts of time familiarizing the auditor with a company’s record keeping process.   Ion has revolutionized this process indirectly by allowing the Client’s Third Party Auditor to actually Audit the company, its’ processes, and the effectiveness of their Quality Management System.  The Auditor is able to audit more efficiently because all of the essential information to be reviewed is right at their fingertips.  They are now able to use their experience as a value added compliment, rather than monopolizing time searching for records. 

Selecting the right auditor is also essential for a well executed audit, and Ion can refer the Client to several experienced, professional and pleasant Auditors that work for reputable Registrars.   These Auditors are familiar with the Simpletrak system and with the extensive data mapping techniques.  They now have the ability to conduct a value added audit at any time, whether it’s for certification, or surveillance.

Ion provides the ability to have an effective Third Party Audit, allowing the Auditor to be value added, due to an innovative data driven system.