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Supply Chain

ION’s supply chain management tool facilitates a comprehensive, proactive approach to supply chain management.  A supply chain installation allows the company to access a portal that grants insight into their supply chain by grouping together selected databases and viewing suppliers and supplier data in real time.  From a desktop, a proactive search can be executed of components or assemblies through the network of suppliers, allowing the user to evaluate products that they would not necessarily have the ability to see.  Before building, shooting, testing, or carrying out any value added actions, any possible risk factors could be evaluated.  This proactive tool assists in reducing resource time spent building and then tearing apart component structures due to problems that occurred prior to receiving the item.  Traditionally, a Supply Chain Manager did not have the ability to see any problems associated with the item before receiving it, only after spending precious resources to process the part, could the problem be evaluated.  The tool also provides non-intrusive oversight that gives the user the ability to evaluate a supplier’s data from a desktop.  They can continually monitor the health of the supplier’s quality system and view records pertaining to the company.  Whether the supply chain is comprised of 3 or 3000 companies, the data can be viewed simultaneously.

ION’s training portal, also offers companies the capability to educate a supply chain on specific needs.  The tool will allow the supply chain to log on and receive training and education using one of our Industry Experts, according to the needs of the company and the supply chain.

All of this reduces internal cost and truly causes a supply chain to work harmoniously together, as a unit working towards a common goal of excellence in quality, rather than as individuals.